AMTech: Haulage and Roads


We run multiple trucks for haulage and can deliver sand and aggregates to your property. We deliver:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Limestone
  • Screenings
  • 5/8 Gravel
  • 1 Inch Stone
  • 2 Inch Stone
  • 2 Inch Crushed Run
  • 3/4 Clear Stone
  • Septic Stone
  • Filler Sand
  • Beach Sand
  • Fill
  • Clean Fill
  • Pit Run Gravel
  • Recycled Asphalt
  • 3/8 Pea Stone
  • River Rock
  • Granite Field Stone

We can do this as a single job or as part of larger landscaping or construction work and can haul all over North Kawartha and beyond, if necessary.

Road Building and Maintenance

We perform road building and maintenance via a variety of methods depending on the type of road required. We are fully equipped with all necessary tools and machines and can build long-lasting, durable roads with a mixture of gravel or recycled asphalt. We can build roads from scratch by clearing trees and stumps, leveling ground, and laying and grading the material to a high quality finish. We can also resurface and crown existing roads in disrepair so that they are as good as new.

Snow Plowing

During the winter months we occupy our time with snow plowing and sanding the back roads and driveways of North Kawartha. Please call in the early months of the fall so that we can schedule your driveway accordingly.